Need of a Purusha Commission

It is a common perception (through media hype about womens torture and anti-partiarchal propaganda) that men are the tourturers and women are victims, which is also quite evident from the average physical strength of the former. The legal torture of men is not an issue of physical strength abusive behavior of one party, it is an issue of a legal system, which is designed to do injustice and hand-over powerful tools of torture in the hands of one-section of the society the system is indeed eradicating evils from society but at the same time there is such a huge proportion of innocent individuals, who are ground in the system, which is crumbling the not so bad partriarchy as it is portrayed through media. Such a nazist legal system created by feminist groups is making feminism synonymous to Nazism in India.

Cases are so abundant in India that males commit suicide out of mental and physical torture by wife and Odisha is not apart from it. Extra- marital relation, triangular love affair, monetary extracting means and other avenge/revenge are the major causes of male torture by females. Precariously tormented old parents try to take the shelter of old age homes or pushed to the corner of the servant quarters. The hypnotized husband remains under the clutch of his women; but internally tortured for the rest of the life, shedding silent tears, remembering the love of old parents who brought him up to this age and ability.

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