Victim- Byomakesh Tripathy

           I, Sri Byomakesh Tripathy, S/o Baikunthanath Tripathy, at MIG-II-88/5, HB Colony, Phase-I, Chandrasekharpur, declare that I passed at the H.S.C. Exam. in 1995 and while reading in +2 college I used to drive auto and do some social work simultaneously. In 1999 organizing some oppressed ladies, I trained them to make paper bags as a source of income for them. Again, in the year 2000 I bought an old ambulance and I used to help the persons faced road accident in reaching hospital for treatment without asking for any fair. Even by the co-operation of the local police, un-recognized dead bodies, suicide patients were also being taken to hospital for post mortem by me without charges and in familiar normal death cases the dead bodies were being carried to graveyard with charges.  Beyond these, I used to create awareness in the minds of people against evil activities.  As a result of which the Chief Minister awarded me with Red & White bravery award in 2004.
Again, in 2005 I was rewarded with Biju Pattanaik state youth award by the honorable Chief Minister and in 2006 I was rewarded with ‘Utkal Sree’ honor by the honorable Governor.  In 2007 I was felicited with national youth award by his Excellency President of India Dr. Sri. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.  Mean while I organized an orphan-age where lived children of 3 to 11 and they were admitted into a Govt. UP School nearby. For all these activities I was rewarded with international youth award, Tokyo, Japan in 2008 and my name was proposed by the Govt. of Japan for world tour programme.  All of these social network carried out by me were done without any financial assistance of the State Govt., Central Govt., & Foreign Govt.

All these improvements in my life made some people think that I was getting crores of rupees from the govt. as aid and leading a luxurious life.

Thus started their crucade politics against me through black mailing me in various manner. Even then I was selected to receive Rajiv Gandhi Rasthriya Gourav Award on 15.09.2009. But fortune betrayed me and the evil minded people lodged complaint against me of rape and torture to the little girls of the orphanage along with lady workers on 12.09.2009 and I along with my uncle were arrested by the police. This incident become a State and National affair and people Organisations organized strikes demonstrations etc. and even demanded that I must be hanged to death.  About ladies of 2000 numbers arranged a candle rally without looking into the truth.  This resulted in separation of my family members from me.  Not only the people but also the media with the evil minded people with great support and they complained that all the awards I received only through bribe and unfair means. I was accused of rape and sent to jail along with my uncle for 6 months and one year respectively. We were freed on bail yet false cases were lodged against us repeatedly.

At last on 31th August 2012 the court declared us not guilty. Yet during this long period we have lost all our reputation in the family and society. Even my family members are still suspicious about my activities and people say that "no fire no smoke".

Hence, I do request to you that let the Presidential award be refunded from me that has ruined my life. Let an independent body of India, not of Odisha investigate into the matter and if the complains found true to 1% even I may be hanged to death. Because, the wretched life I spend now is too much restless, difficult and torturous. Even I wish for suicide.

Let me blessed with justice before death.            

Contact: BYOMAKESH TRIPATHY, Advocate, MIG-2, 88/5,Chandrashekharpur H.B.Colony,Phase-1, Bhubaneswar-751016, Odisha. Phone:9437164399

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